Entrepreneurship as a part of studies at Turku UAS

Turning competence into credits at BusinessClub

Turning competence into credits (“opinnollistaminen”) is a Finnish concept. Turning competence into credits entails obtaining competence in active operations outside courses provided by the higher education institution, e.g., in own entrepreneurship or entrepreneurial activities. Turning competence into credits is always agreed on beforehand.


Recognition of prior competence in studies

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YOOP tool for turning competence into credits


Turning competence into credits

Turku UAS’ entrepreneurship studies (in Peppi)

YH00BX44 Introduction to Entrepreneurship Competences 3–5 op
YH00BZ23 Entrepreneurship passport 2 op
YH00BZ84 Team entrepreneurship 5 op
YH00BF85 Entrepreneurship accelerator 5 – 25 op
YH00BG44 The transfer of company ownership-program 5 op
2051197 Startup! 10 op
YH00BZ79 Startup Journey Accelerator 15 op

In addition, students can obtain credits from the entrepreneurship programmes offered by Boost (www.boostturku.com).



 “Hotline 24/7 Quick help whenever it is needed

A competent, experienced entrepreneur or expert helps a new entrepreneur to find their own strengths, development targets and untapped resources. The entrepreneur is active and promotes their process.

The personal mentor serves the entrepreneur in spontaneous situations and in a goal-oriented interaction according to a planned programme. The entrepreneur reflects on their operations and has an active approach to developing their enterprise.

Please contact our Business Mentors!

Marita Nummi-Wikström

Sari Asteljoki

Arto Manninen

Jani Pihlajamaa

Enterprise agents

Enterprise agents are students from different fields at Turku University of Applied Sciences. They take an interest in entrepreneurship and together with Business Mentors, they share information on entrepreneurship and services for entrepreneurs. The enterprise agents operate as an active team, and simultaneously create strong links to the different stakeholders within entrepreneurship. The enterprise agents gain credits for their activities. Please contact our Business Mentors and become an enterprise agent!