Commercialization of innovations

BusinessClub and the Business Mentors support students in the commercialization of innovations.

The Business Mentors have vast experience on entrepreneurship, in-depth competence on different fields, experience on product development, marketing, sales, international trade, management, quality management and funding. Business Mentors help with commercialization and seek the best experts for practical tasks and a functional team. For example, Master’s degree students, blended degree students and students participating in daytime education can work with suitable duties related to commercialization.

We get to know research groups’ operations, organize trainings, and contemplate on different opportunities together with scientific experts. We help with establishing the necessary contacts and networks.

Protecting technology is important before the commercialization activities of an innovation. With protection, you can demonstrate that you are the original developer and owner of the technology. An enterprise can be established around a protected innovation or sell or license it to parties interested in developing the innovation. In IPR issues, an innovation ombudsman is at your service, and the Business Mentors will also help you.

Operating model in innovations

Help and support for innovations

New, outstanding research results, innovations and inventions are generated at higher education institutions. Turku University of Applied Sciences wishes to encourage the members of the higher education community to create innovations and assist in recognizing the protection opportunities and commercialization potential of related intellectual property as well as to identify their limitations. For this purpose, Turku UAS has created an intellectual property policy and guidelines.

It is worthwhile to ask for help for the recognition and further development of innovations. Turku University of Applied Sciences has business mentors, who advise and guide in recognizing innovation ideas and their commercialization potential, and in protecting them. The Innovation Coordinator working at RDI Services will also assist in the process. They advise with filling in the invention disclosure notification and other issues related to innovations and their protection.

The steering group in innovations and commercialization, chaired by the Vice Rector, oversees issues related to inventions and other innovation.

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